My camera seems to have become an extension of my amateur photographer eyes! All photos prior to 2007 are scanned and were taken with a Fuji camera.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Wednesday Doorway: Shaniko, Oregon, USA, 2010


Cezar and Léia said...

Bonjour chérie!
It's a beautiful doorway, and huge!
I like a lot these white lines, an geometric design and detail.I also like the little white door at the balcony.
Rainy Wednesday here in Luxembourg.I'm glad that I'm on school vacations, it's perfect to have a cup of tea and some cookies, a good book and stay at home all day long! brought to me today that book "La délicatesse" ( David Foenkinos), I'm anxious to start reading it!I hope my French is fine (enough) to understand the book.

joo said...

I like the blue and white combination.I seems to be a nice house.
It's a shame you can't comment on my blog - thanks for letting me know. By the way I've had problems with Blogger recently as well. Hope it will sort out somehow!
Have a nice day:)

VP said...

Unusual, love the 'precious' handles!

Magpie said...

Love that blue and one of my favorite type of doorways. :)